As Christmas approaches each year, our Rotary members begin preparations for our annual Tree of Joy event. This special event gives everyone in the community a chance to share the gift of Christmas with those who wouldn’t otherwise get to experience it.
To bring this about, we partner with local shopping centres and organisations to place a Christmas tree at their venues. Adorned on these trees are wish tags; each revealing a Christmas gift for donation. A shopper/generous donor takes a wish tag from the tree, buys the specified gift, then places it - unwrapped - in the basket by the tree.

As the baskets fill up with gifts, they are collected by our club members, sorted, and then delivered to local charities in time for Christmas giving. We request that gifts be unwrapped to save precious time for the charities as they process the many gifts and match them with their recipients.

We hope you'll join us in spreading the joy of Christmas this year!
For more details, see the latest Tree of Joy event.