Supporting Destiny Rescue's International Efforts
In our world today, it is sad to know that there are an estimated 40 million people living in slavery. An even sadder fact is that a quarter of these are children.
Destiny Rescue is an organisation that is standing out as a beacon of hope to the millions of children who are trafficked or trapped in sexual exploitation. Their rescues often involve gaining trust with the enslaved children and partnering with anti-trafficking police to gather intelligence and facilitate raids of brothels.
But these rescues are just the beginning of a series of activities this organisation is committed to. Destiny Rescue’s efforts also extend to rehabilitating rescued children and empowering them, or their families, to create a new destiny for themselves.
This last two Rotary years 2017-2019, in support of Destiny Rescue’s courageous, relentless and commendable efforts, our International Service team have created a project to raise funds dedicated to child rescues. Every $1500 raised means a child rescued from a life of slavery.
This project is managed by Samantha Lee and Jiji Lee. If you'd like to know more, please contact Samantha Lee or feel free to contact Our Club.