The Rotary Club of North Sydney is one of the foundation clubs in Australia. It was chartered on 16 August 1928 and was then only the third Rotary Club to be chartered in the waratah state. But just because we're an old club doesn't mean we're not active! That's why we're also the longest standing club in our District (9685), which embraces the northern suburbs of Sydney.

There's a lot going on at our club including local projects and activities that serve to improve life in local communities, as well as international projects that expand Rotary's humanitarian reach around the globe. We also embrace the business community with vocational service activities, and support and stimulate youth in our communities to achieve their life potentials. Check out our Club Projects to see what causes we've been involved in.

Our members come together the first Thursday of every month for lunch at the North Sydney Leagues Club located just up Miller Street from the North Sydney CBD. All visitors are welcome to join our meetings and, in particular, those that are interested in learning more about Rotary and experiencing an hour in the life of a Rotarian. Come and see what we're all about!

Here are some of our achievements:
  • Catered for 20,000 people on New Year’s Eve to raise money for polio eradication.
  • Run The Tree of Joy in North Sydney, CBD and Macquarie Park area for 18 years – over 3,000 gifts distributed annually.
  • Set up a Men’s Shed in Wollstonecraft.
  • Provided a Wheelchair and Mechanical Lifting mechanism for an AMP North Sydney employee.
  • Provided an Electric Wheelchair for Lifeline for Loans to clients.
  • Operate as Area Coordinators for The Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal.
  • Twice a year, hold a Christmas Party for 160 local Seniors with a Santa and our own Club band, The Tokens.
  • Established The Middle Harbour Sailability Program which is currently co-run with Northbridge Rotary Club.
  • Run The Crows Nest Markets every 3rd Saturday – a major fundraiser.
  • Purchased 2 vans for Lifeline to pick up books, goods, etc.
  • Purchased 4 large busses with hydraulic lifting equipment for North Sydney Council.
  • Bought a 12-seater van for Phoenix House.
  • Donated 2 HiAce Vans for Lifeline.
  • Purchased a Van for Hope Health Care.
  • Donated 2 refrigerated Vans for OzHarvest.
  • Donated $20,000 to Taldamunde Youth Services for refurnishing their cottage.
  • Sponsored The Probus Club North Sydney
  • Started many of the existing clubs in our District
  • Established our Benevolent Fund which has distributed over $3 million to worthy projects and causes.
  • Supplied an upgraded stove to The Wayside Chapel
  • Provided a car for a young lady who was born handicapped with stumps for legs and arms. One of our members, a driving instructor, taught her to drive with prosthesis for legs and attachments to her arms. She passed her driving test first go! She has a university degree and all she wanted was to tell others that having a disability is not the end of the world. She now had a full-time job and is an inspiration to us all.
  • Established a facility in Uganda for the manufacture of low-cost appliances such as calipers, clogs, and crutches, for physically disabled children and teenagers.
  • Supported: The School of St Jude in Tanzania from inception with some members still doing so.
  • Supplied 150 Tricycle Garbage cars for the City of Guntur, India.
  • Supported 5 children in Hunan Province in China to attend High School.
  • Provided a lecturer from ACU to Timor Leste to give 11 student teachers face-to-face support and guidance.
  • Built a water purification plant in Guntur, India.
  • Supplied 10 Solar Cookers for Qinghai, China.
  • Built 3 Schools in China.
  • Provided 40 Hand Wells in Andra Pradesh, India.
  • Provided major sponsorship for an Ambulance in the mountainous regions of Qinghai, China.
  • Provided Women’s Health Clinic testing and education to female members of nomadic families of the Qinghai Province, China. Over 4500 women benefited.
  • Supported Rotary's most prevailing and significant initiative to rid the world of Polio forever.
  • Aided the Nepal Earthquake Reconstruction Program following two consecutive earthquakes within a month of each other.
  • Delivered 12 computers with key educational content to a Learning Centre for Youth in Dili, Timor-Leste.
  • Rescued 10 children in Southeast Asia from a life of slavery through fundraising for Destiny Rescue’s "Rescue a Child" Program.
  • Built a water catchment system to give clean water to a school of 200 students and teachers in Olorien, Kenya.
  • Distributed 9 foot-operated hand wash stations to hospitals, schools, and community centres across Nepal during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Helped establish a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Test Lab for COVID-19 in a Women's Hospital for pregnant women and new born babies in Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Supported teenagers in the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra.
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Youth Parliament Program,
  • Supervised and mentored The Science and Engineering Challenge at Olympic Park
  • Sponsored Inbound and Outbound Exchange Students from Switzerland, Belgium, France, Germany, and more.
Each year, select and publicly recognise local organisations and deserving employees showing exemplary qualities in their field worthy of Pride of Workmanship Awards.