Our Club hosted representatives from the organizations which so generously participated in the ‘Tree of Joy’ activities leading up to last Christmas. Nearly 3000 gifts were collected. These donated gifts were distributed to: Wesley Mission, Salvation Army, Children’s Hospital, Exodus Foundation and the Wayside Chapel. All of whom were extremely grateful for the generosity of the public and the work done by our club.



A thank you to Alison O’Connor, Marketing & Community Engagement Officer from NORTHS


A thank you to Kim Archer and Tanya Dawson from Covermore Insurance






A thank you to Jane Booth Digital Marketing Manager with aLi Group


PP Jenny Thomas, Chief Rotarian for ‘Tree of Joy".  Awarding President Elect Ross Waugh with a Certificate of Appreciation.

Representatives of the organizations who looked after each ‘Tree of Joy” were presented with a certificate of appreciation.
As Wesley Mission was one of the main benefactors of the donated gifts, Lucy Parker and Vijay Singh were invited as guest speakers to address the gathering and they gave us a great oversight to the good work the Mission performs.

Our Guest Speakers from Wesley Mission, Lucy Parker and Vijay Singh.

 Our PP Jenny Thomas works tirelessly to bring Tree of Joy together every year