The concept of the Tree of Joy has been part of the Club for a number of years and we give thanks to our Past President Jenny for being the driving force that keeps it going. The objectives are to provide Christmas gifts to those people who might not otherwise receive one.
Sometime before Christmas, Jenny contacts those who are willing to have trees in their businesses and then appropriate labels are printed.  The members shared in putting ties on these labels which Jenny had printed. The labels are then placed on Christmas trees located in prominent positions in those groups and businesses who have agreed to take them. The number of trees that go out is growing and currently stands about.
The public are then invited to take a card/label from the tree, purchase the gift and return it to the tree. Once all tags are gone or even before a number of members pick up the gifts left and then Jenny with her team sorts the gifts and distributes them to the recipients via a list of agencies prior to Christmas.  Over the many years that our Club has been involved in this project we have collected many thousands of gifts.
Thanks once again to PP Jenny's fine organisational skills and enthusiasm we were able to host many of our Tree of Joy participants to a thank you luncheon at February 4th's meeting.This worked out extremely well for those attending as they were able to receive their framed awards from our Rotary Club, in recognition, for display at their office or in their reception area.
Representatives from the following companies received their awards and others are to be awarded over the next weeks.Those awarded were to the North's Leagues Club,Meat & Live Stock Association,ALI Group Pty Ltd, CoverMore, Syngenta Crop Protection.
The Photos of those being presented Certificates are as follows:
  • Jackie Dibb - Meat & Livestock
  • Kim Archer & Tamara Hitchcock - CoverMore
  • Christina Hoang & Jane Booth - ALI Group
  • Alison O'Connor - North's Leagues Club
  • Sam Page & Wilma Greenwood - Syngenta